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VIRTUAL WALKS is the newest method for online presentation.

3D VIRTUAL WALKS creates a real sensation of being in your / hotel, restaurant,spa center, galery, winery, etc./ for  your clients without them ever having to leave their office or home.

VIRTUAL WALKS increases the interest of your clients much more than the classical pictures with a text.

BV studio creates one of the most impressive ventures in the world wide web - "Virtual walks in Plovdiv"

A visitor of the page can walk through the historical landmarks of the ancient city, and the experience is somewhat of an adventure game where one searches for the attractions on a map of Plovdiv. The virtual tourist could also be entertained by finding hidden signs which are similar to "keys" in games. With similar, but not as much detailed online walks, tourists from all around the world are attracted by cities like Milano, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Athena, Brussels, principality of Monaco.

BV studio is the only licensed "Virtual tour" producer in Bulgaria. We provide an array of 360 degree panoramic photos which are suited to your reqirements and your budget. The firm creates a virtual image of objects, by shooting with special photographic equipment. Each spherical panorama is prepared in a FLASS file.

NEW - creation of a virtual 3D walk on HTML5 suitable for Android version 4 and every others as well as for iphone. In comparison to the 3D images that create a false reality, a virtual tour is found on existing landmarks. This means that the visitor can at any moment found the exact place of interest so that he knows what to expect, he could choose his own personal route when planning his walk while quickly moving from one spot to another. In this way useful information is turned into an adventure in which the main character is the visitor himself.

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