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Tourists besiege Bouzloudja

Built by the people and destroyed by the people. This is a short story of the fate of the largest ideological monument in Bulgaria – The home monument of peak Buzludja. The crown jewel of  PA, which devoured 14 million in national money to build, in our days sits abandoned, demolished  and forgotten. 12 000 cubic meters of concrete and 300 kilos of armature wire have gone into the construction one of the most impressive monuments ever built. It was created for the 90th anniversary of the socialist movement in our home country. The effigy of the former first  was destroyed right after his fall from power. Either from shame of the past or for ideological reasons Bulgarians today have turned their backs on the monument. Despite this it is one of the largest attractions for the fans of Dark tourism. Dozens of foreigners head on the track of our recent past, in order to submerge themselves in the ominous atmosphere of the incomprehensible for the massive traveler sights and places. Hit destinations are the different sides of the socialist bloc and Bulgaria is not overlooked. Despite the communist monuments, which fans of the new type of tourism walkthrough and visit with an interest and a predetermined route, other places of interest are old agricultural buildings, ghost villages and other symbols of communism

The real surprise for us was when I and a Japanese tourist, crawled through a small hole in the concrete and went inside an almost impregnable fortress. Inside the main hall we saw twenty people walking around all with a backpack and camera. None of the visitors in the ghostly chamber spoke  Bulgarian. Inside where people from all the corners of the world led by their own curiosity to learn about the communist past of our country.


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